Matthew Skirton: Missionary ... Me?

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Christians are boring and going to church is dull.
God (if He exists) is irrelevant to me and the plans I have for my life. He surely does not call people to serve Him on the mission field today!
Or so I thought … this is my story, a journey of surprising discoveries. It is a story of travel and love, crocodiles and soldiers, life and death, ships and illness, blessing and provision, ugly angels and the KGB, Dracula’s castle and hoopoes, holy kisses and miracles, answered prayers and a girl and a voice and a call.
For the last two decades Matthew Skirton has served as a missionary with OM in Eastern Europe. He lives in Moldova with his wife Helen, five children and assorted animals.

1. Auflage 2015, Paperback, 166 Seiten